Tuesday, 27 January 2009

[News] Countdown...

You may have spotted that clock over on the right hand side, and you maybe wondering why its there. Allow me to explain...

Up until this point, apart from a few select people, this site hasn't really been advertised. This has allowed myself and the guest bloggers to edit the general look of the blog, aswell as get some early content typed up and posted.

As from Feb 2nd this site shall be more publically advertised, in effect 'opening the blog'.

From that point, myself and the guest bloggers will be looking to making the posts alot more regular, hopefully giving most of you new content to enjoy each time you visit.

Any newcomers to this site, don't forget to check the Archives for past postings.

Thanks to all who have helped to get this blog to this point. Roll on the 2nd!

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