I don't just type up articles

Check out some of the video's below that I've featured in:

Gadget Show 2012
During The Gadget Show Live 2012 I managed to interview Steve Hart from Rebellion Studios...

And Channel Five's The Gadget Show presenter Jason Bradbury!

Eurogamer Expo 2011
Below are several videos shot during the Eurogamer Expo, including an interview with Johnny Minkley, Gordon from RePlay and Robin from Romino Games.

I'm in a number of the Blast Process Out-takes sadly! Click this link to see them.

Splinter Cell Unboxing Video
I sadly play the poor security guard...

Interview: Insert Coin Clothing @ The Gadget Show
Exactly what it says on the tin. A last minute quick chat with Jon, the head honcho from

Gadget Show Live 2011
I don't really appear in this video much, but here it is anyway!

IGN Game Changer
I entered a talent search hosted by IGN for presenters. I created 3 videos for the contest, which can be found here.

Teldur Dings 80
It finally happened...I managed to hit the highest level on World of Warcraft (prior to Cataclyism anyway)

Video Interview - Andy Belford [Blast Process]
Recorded at Warhammer Gamesday 2010. My first shot at an interview on camera. Speaking to Andy Belford from Bioware-Mythic about upcoming Warhammer Online changes.

Mario's 25th Anniversary: Mario Kart Special [Blast Process]
To mark Mario's 25th, the Blast Process team along with special guest star Megadrive Gary sit down and enjoy a game or two of Mario Kart, starting with the original SNES version and finishing with the more recent Wii version.

Trafford Centre Round Up [Blast Process]
A new feature on Blast Process saw myself and the team taking a geeky day out to Manchester's Trafford Centre. During the fun-filled day we recorded ourselves playing various arcade games. As I feature in a number of them, I felt it easier to just link the article with all the videos embedded here.

Night Trap! [Blast Process]
An epic two-part video that starts as a brief review/look at the retro classic Night Trap (being played on the Mega CD) that turns into something that bit more sinister!

Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing [Blast Process]

Me, Mike and Tom get racing on SEGA's next gen racer.

Final Fantasy XIII Launch Event [Mark Boss]

Gaming journalist Mark Boss interviews myself and Becky while we waited in the queue for the launch event of FFXIII outside HMV in London (towards the end of the video).

FFXIII Launch [Gameon]

Another video shot from the FFXIII launch event, this time by ITN's Gameon YouTube channel. Me, Pete and Becky appear towards the end. Note the montage along with the game's theme song!