Bio + Freelancing

Who Am I?

David Jennings

What do I do?

By day I sell games, and have been doing so for 10 or so years. By night I write about the hobby I love, videogaming.

Oh Really?

Yes, really! As well as posting bits and pieces here on (my own personal little bit of the Internet) I also co-run You'll occasionally see me post news articles on In the past I've also written technology articles for Crossover (Digital Media organisation).

Do you just write then?

Hell no. I host and edit the Blast Process Podcast, which can be found on iTunes or via the website. I've also featured in a number of videos ranging from serious interviews to not-so-serious unboxing videos. I also co-present radio shows for a local community station, Redshift Radio.

Ah, I see

Indeed. I'm looking for more avenues to express my thoughts, whether it be video, spoken or written work. Due to my in-experience I'm not looking for funds, nope, just the chance to get my work all over the Internet.

Can I help?

I do hope so! If you require an article typing up, wish to have an event covered or need an extra voice on a podcast/similar then please do get in touch. You can reach me via or you can tweet to me (@TeldurUK).

Anything else?

I'm also a big supporter of the charity Special Effect, who help people with additional needs to enjoy videogames by creating adapted equipment. For example, they have the technology to play racing games by purely using your eyes.  Everyone deserves the chance to relax and enjoy the hobby a lot of us take for granted.

To help raise funds for them during 2012 I hosted a Videogame Quiz in my hometown. For 2013 I plan on doing several other fund raising events.