Monday, 24 May 2010

[Events] 15 Hours is Nothing...

...compared to how long 2 guys waited for Super Mario Galaxy 2 outside the Nintendo Store in New York. I think 15 hours was long enough for me outside HMV. Nearly 50 hours? Yikkkesssss!!

Legends, and they got signed goodies too!

Check out the Kotaku link here.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

[News] Returning to a Previous World

Recently, I found myself doing something I ultimately knew I'd end up doing. I didn't think it would happen so soon, I thought I could resist...until at least the new expansion. But no...

What is it I speak of? I have returned to Azeroth, I've World of Warcraft.

I'll pre warn you now, some of what I'm about to type may not make much sense to those of you who haven't played Warcraft before, and for that I apologise. I do however mention other gaming related thoughts after my WoW mass of text, so feel free to skip down to the dotted line!

Re-stepping into the boots of my former main character felt somewhat bizarre and foreign at first. My screen resembled a mess of action bars with various abilities and equipment binded to them that at one stage I used to understand.

As with any MMO, abilities come and go, talents/abilities change over time. With this information in hand, for the first half an hour or so I found myself fighting creatures below my level, trying out various abilities, some new, some re-configure myself on how to play my character.

He's currently at time of writing a level 71 Dwarf Paladin. He's showing his age, sporting equipment that's very out dated. He's currently a Retribution 'specced paladin, with the current left over talent points being used in the Holy talent tree. It's probably a terrible combination of talents, however I seem to be healing quite well, and currently find myself OK when battling solo.

I've not re-entered Warcraft on my own however. A druid called Fle, of whom my paladin has leveled all the way to 71 with has also returned, controlled by my best friend J. Again, although he'd admit he knew he'd be tempted to return to Warcraft when the newest expansion comes out (which is Cataclysm, due out September-ish time), he was equally surprised by how easily he'd returned.

When we logged out all those months ago we had done only a few quests in Northrend, the home of the game's current main villain, the Lich King. Before the launch of Wraith of the Lich King (WoTLK), we'd already 'quit', but had returned a week or so ready for WoTLK. Sadly our re-visit to Warcraft, even with the new continent to explore, felt like it was missing that 'spark'. So why, after all this time do I feel like I'm yet again enjoying playing Warcraft?

The timing of my return is also quite baffling really. I work practically full time wanting to progress in the managerial hierarchy while also finding myself sitting on top of new release titles of which I've only played a handful (or less of, in some cases) of which I do generally want to play to completion, such as Final Fantasy XIII. Their is also this blog site, of which I wish to update on a more regular basis, as well as working alongside my friends Tom and Mike over @ And yet, all said and done, I'm enjoying setting out on quests with Fle the Druid, all be it on a much more casual basis than in the past.

Sadly, I'm no psychologist, perhaps I'm just crazy...

Once I've settled down a little more back into Warcraft (or perhaps I may once again lose the spark of wanting to play it) I'll go on to posting about how different the game now feels and plays compared to the past. I've already noticed differences such as quests being a lot more fun/interactive, and how finding groups for instances has been over hauled.

Time will ultimately tell if I'm still playing when the world of Azeroth is transformed (see this link for information on some of the upcoming changes planned for Warcraft come expansion time).


If you've read this far, you deserve a brew, so stick the kettle on. For those who chose to skip the randomness of a Warcrafter, then welcome back!

I've made it quite clear on both here and over on Blast Process that I couldn't wait for the new Rocket Knight arcade game, and finally, after months of waiting, it's finally been unleashed online! And it's ace!

OK, OK, my view is slightly bias, and it isn't the perfect game. But it is colourful, full of character and nods its head at Sparkster's previous outings where possible. I highly recommend downloading the demo if you're a PS3 or 360 user.

It won't be long until I start crossing my fingers for a Zone of the Enders sequel to be announced, as it'll yet again soon be time for E3. Rocket Knight and Z.O.E 3 in one year? Yes please! Make it so Kojima!

And with that, I've realized the time, so I'll have to call time on this post. Don't forget folks, Red Dead Redemption is out on Friday this week, and its looking pretty epic.