The Archive

Below is a selection of articles I've written, not just from this particular blog, but also some posted on other websites.


Goodbye THQ, Hello Wind Waker HD
As the gaming industry prepared for a future without THQ it was interesting to see who had bought what in relation to THQ's assests. 

Dave's GOTY 2012
A quick rundown of my 4 top titles from 2012

Making a Choice
A problem a number of gamers encounter...which games to play when unfinished games start to pile up.

XCOM Diary
A two-part diary as I delve into XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Part one is here, while part two is here.

Gadget Show Live 2012: Spec Ops The Line
A short hands-on preview.

Tax Relief for the Games Industry
...and why it should happen.

Happy New MMO!
World of what? Taking my first steps into Star Wars: The Old Republic

Nintendo's Way of Catching Up
Nintendo announces its new online system, which can finally start being compared to its rivals, the Playstation Network and Xbox Live.

EA Roadshow
I managed to get hands on with a number of the big 2011 Christmas games being published by EA, as well as taking an early look at Mass Effect 3.

Final Fantasy VII: To change, or not to change?
If VII were to be re-made, should they change anything?

Geeks Today
Why are midnight launches so succesfull?

Post Expo
A quick overview of the Eurogamer Expo, specifically being able to go hands on with Final Fantasy XIII-2

Expo Completed!
What was on show during our first trip to the Eurogamer Expo.

Gamescom Stuff
A quick run-down of announcements from Gamescom.

Ta-da! Shaddai!
Demo impressions of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.

Welcome Back PSN
Normality is restored to Playstation 3s. Well...not completely. But it's getting there.

Playstation Network Issues
The on-going saga

Too Old for Pokemon?
I cave in and purchase Pokemon Black. Isn't it a kids game though?

Specialist Retailers Vs Supermarkets Vs Online: Fight!
One of my written entries for the IGN Game Changer competition

Gamesday 2010: Interview with Andy Belford
I conduct my first interview on camera, asking Bioware-Mythic's Andy Belford about upcoming Warhammer Online changes. [Blast Process]

Dave's 2011 Gaming Picks
5 games I'll be looking forward to this year. [Blast Process]

Scott Pilgrim Vs Dave
A rundown of the Edgar Wright film and the downloadable Scott Pilgrim game. [Blast Process]

Be A Hero, or Rock Out? Do Both!
Fable 3 and Rock Band 3 get purchased, played and summurized. [Blast Process]
This summer is all about the World Cup, so how about a retro football title to keep you in the spirit? [Blast Process]

Sparksters back! Is the new title any good? [Blast Process]

An article marking my return to playing World of Warcraft. [Gamepad]

A round-up of a charity event held by GAME Crewe that I helped with on behalf of Childrens Hospice UK, with assistance from Ubisoft. Also features an interview with Ubi rep Adam Bhatti. [Gamepad]

A tale of 3 gamers, 2 autographs and a cold night on the streets of London. [Gamepad]

A look at 2010s post-christmas new releases. [Gamepad]

Preview of Rocket Knight. [Gamepad]

A run-down of the Eurogamer Expo 2009 in Leeds. [Gamepad]

A short look at the the difference between casual gamers and hardcore gamers, and how sometimes, you can be both! [Gamepad]
Impressions of Final Fantasy XIII based on the japenese demo. [Gamepad]

The Year Ahead
One of the first posts from back in January 2009. I talked about my thoughts on what 2009 was going to bring to gaming. [Gamepad]