Wednesday, 28 January 2009

[News] A Casual Word

I had a brief chat with a Microsoft rep in work today.

He didn't have much in the way of new news, however he did go on to say that Xbox Live's first gameshow, 1 vs 100 should be released very soon. Aswell as that, he went on to point out that Microsoft were still working with BT to get the BT Vision service via your Xbox 360, with no need to purchase anything extra for your console (all you need is a BT Vision account). Hopefully we should see that service before the year is out.

Both of those points further point towards Microsoft working to further improve its Live Experiance this year, which is good stuff, bearing in mind the slight reduced number in exclusive titles to be released this year compared to last on the 360 (as mentioned here).

He went on to show a gameplay trailer for Halo Wars...which shall be the first console RPG I've bought since Command and Conquer Red Alert on the Playstation. He was very confident that people will find it easy to use the 360 pad. We shall all see for ourselves come Feb 5th, as thats when the demo hits Marketplace. Halo Wars is due for release on the 27th Feb.

For those interested, here's the gameplay footage:

And saw the release of a new trailer to Final Fantasy XIII. Click away to be taken to the official site.

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