Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Scale of EVE Online + Writing

I've always liked EVE.

Even though I have never been able to really devote the time it desires I still can't help but sit back in my chair and applaud it's achievements. It doesn't want to be 'Warcraft-in-Space', nor does consider going free to play. The term Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game describes EVE perfectly, for it is massive.

The galaxy in which you fly around in is quite simply huge. In some cases flying from point A to point B could take hours. But for all its size your trip across space is never a lonely one, as for all the MMOs that have since dropped the pay monthly tradition in the hope of gaining more players by going free to play (with you instead paying for 'bits') EVE only instead continues to charge people to play the game monthly.

EVE takes dedication, but rewards those who persist. Large parts of the galaxy are controlled by player-led groups known as 'Corporations'. Some of these Corporations join together to form alliances. While small battles between players happen on an hourly basis, every now and then something huge kicks off. Can you imagine being part of that?

Image thanks to Eurogamer.net.
For all it's praises, with my busy lifestyle I've just never been able to really 'get into' EVE, but really enjoy watching some of my close friends playing it and reading about the ongoing activities in the game.

So, when I saw an indiegogo project involving EVE Online doing the rounds on the internet I felt it needed a closer look. A number of university students alongside a couple of videogame journalists are planning to create a documentary regarding EVE and it's community. I'm seriously tempted to donate to it, as I feel the end product could be well worth the slight investment.

Perhaps it would even encourage me to play more of EVE?

After seeking advice from within the gaming industry I've recently decided to take on a Creative Writing course in an effort to improve, well, my writing. While I'm finding the course is mainly aimed at story/poetry writers I'm still finding it informative. I have been promised that later in the course journalism/content more aimed towards me should show its head. It's certainly inspiring me anyway.

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Jason said...

Just started playing eve again. Its a very nice looking game to play, even if it is a bit complex to get into. You should join us Dave!