Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Last week myself and Mike unveiled a new-look BlastProcess.com. The changes have been explained in the post at this link. The biggest point was the change from Blogger.com to WordPress.com due to the extra bit of freedom it gave us. It also gave us multiple options to make the site look fresh and introduced a more 'professional' look.

Have a look around a let me know what you think. Hope you all like it!

I've had a busy old week however I am working on a piece with my thoughts about the Playstation 4 announcement. I'll post a link once its online, however for now I'll leave this link here summarising the event.

Just a few other links to share:

- Managed a couple of hours on Battlefield 3 with a few friends, of which one (thanks Chris!) decided to record a round. The result can be found on this post. It is something we are looking at doing more of in the future.

- I've also wrote a short piece regarding the full announcement of Destiny, Bungie's newest title.

- Finally, myself and Mike did a video review of Hauppaugue's latest PVR. It now records through a HDMI cable. For the full details check this link out. The video is also embedded in that post too.

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