Sunday, 22 January 2012

[Blog-a-day] Day One

Right, this week I've decided that I'm going to create a new blog entry EVERYDAY this week. Starting with this one right here.

While I can't guarantee they'll all be packed full of goodness, hopefully one or two will provide a good minute or so worth of reading for you.

I've picked an odd time to post this, as I'm actually in the middle of trying to sort out the Blast Process podcast for this week. With Tom being in Denmark, Mike otherwise engaged and Ben unable to make it back to Crewe today, I'm having to call in reinforcements so that the podcast can go ahead this week. Seems as though cover has been sourced, so all systems should be good later this evening. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of the podcast, regular listeners will be well aware I've been busy playing iPhone games of late, barely touching the expensive gaming machines I've gathered over the years. This week however I've finally got round to playing other games, such as a couple of freebies from the 3DS Ambassador program (Fire Emblem and Super Mario Advance 3 mainly). I've also jumped back into Final Fantasy XIII, as I'm nearing its end (I think), and want to have it put to bed before Feb 3rd when XIII-2 lands. That's the plan anyway, who knows if I'll be successful...

Time to write out the news for tonight's 'cast anyway. Actually...have you seen our new Blast Process News Show on YouTube? Myself and Mike were trying out a make-shift green screen. Let us know what you think!

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