Tuesday, 31 August 2010

[News] Disappointment and Joy

A couple of weeks ago I applied for a gaming website as they were after a number of new writers to join the team. The site in question is Ready-Up.Net.

Sadly, I wasn't succesful, which is a little disappointing. However they did have a very large selection of candidates to go through, and compared to most I've not been writing about games for half as long as a number of other bloggers.

On the flip side though, I was sent an email from one of the sites main editors who said that my work was quite good, and pointed me in the right direction to improve. So the only way is up! Myself, and fellow Blast Processors Tom and Mike have some great ideas for the site, which means more writing and video work.

Speaking of writing, I've posted a short write-up on both the movie and game of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World over on BlastProcess.com.

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