Tuesday, 6 July 2010

[Updates] New Things

Did you all enjoy E3? I certainly did. It was good to see Nintendo come out fighting, since last years conference wasn't all that amazing (the vitality sensor...). A new Zelda with Motion Plus controls, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby and not to mention a new video of the already announced Metroid M...that's 4 reasons atleast for me to need to purchase a Wii once again.

And yet, all these new Wii titles weren't my highlight of Nintendo's conference. It was a badly kept secret that Nintendo had a new DS on the way, with a rumoured 3D screen, but what really made me happy was the video they screened with different developers talking about the 3DS and the followup slide show showing a sneak peak of what games were in development for it. It's fantastic, at this early stage to see so many 3rd party studios already making games for it, I mean...we're talking about some classic IPs.

Metal Gear
Resident Evil
Kingdom Hearts
Street Fighter
...and more!

And that's without mentioning a remake of Lylat Wars (Stafox 64) and a new Kid Icarus game!
I haven't seen the 3DS with my own eyes yet, however from reading comments from various other gaming journalists it really does look promising that the 3D screen is very cool. Nintendo have always struggled to grasp 3rd party support, so to see some many big names already in the mix is a fantastic sign that the 3DS could well be the business!

Sony and Microsoft on the other hand went all-out showing off their respective new motion sensitive peripherals that are on there way prior to Christmas. Project Natal, which is now officially name Kinect has a heap of adventure/sports titles available on launch with the camera, along with Harmonix's (the makers of Rock Band) new Dance Central game, which motion captures your dance movements, of which you mimic from the on-screen avatars. The ability to control your Xbox with your voice is pretty nifty, along with using the menus using your hands. I personally think the true capability of Kinect won't be seen until next year, but I'm impressed with what I've seen of its motion capturing so far.

Sony's Playstation Move on the other hand showed off a slightly more varied launch lineup...showing off how accurate playing Tiger Woods '10 will be, how you can interact with your EyePet even more and shooting things with Time Crisis. However, my favourite game to be announced for the Move was a game called Sorcery, which has you using the Move remote as a wand...using it to cast different spells and not only that, but you can link the different spells together as you use the remote to cast one spell, before instantly going into another linking them with varied effects. For example casting a line of fire infront of you, before casting a sort of wind attack that blows the fire towards your enemies.

My biggest disappointment however was no new updates on Team ICO's new title, The Last Guardian...oh...and no announcement about a Zone of the Enders 3.

This year was the first year I managed to watch all 3 of the major conferences streamed over the internet, only missing out on the conferences from EA and Ubisoft. Watching and hearing the annoucement of a new Slim Xbox 360, before then hearing about it being shipped in the same week..surprised me...not to mention made me think about the rota at work for the weekend (luckily Europe had to wait...phew!).

Aside from E3, what else do I have to report?

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In the next few weeks I'll hopefully be getting my hands on this years Fifa '11 during a sneak peek session that EA have arranged with HMV, not to mention that this years Eurogamer Expo is incoming later in the year. If your behind on your games, you best start catching up!

Thanks to GameTrailers.com for the trailers.

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