Wednesday, 7 July 2010

[Another Update] Hideo Must Read Gamepad: Z.O.E 3!

It was only yesterday that I blogged about my disappointment of no Zone of The Enders 3 announcement...which didn't surpraise me sadly...

However, within the last few mins I've just read this on IGN UK:
Hideo Kojima has spoken about development of the much requested mech game Zone of the Enders 3, saying it will be seriously considered after the release of Metal Gear Solid Rising.

"This is not a rumor," Kojima told jeuxvideo, "My team and I want to develop a new Zone of Enders. But it turns out that Kojima Productions has limited resources in terms of teams and directors. So at this stage we have not yet had time to work on Zone of Enders 3 which has been postponed at the calendar. However, I think after Metal Gear Solid Rising, I will look seriously [at] Zone of Enders."
I'm happy, very happy

Thanks for answering my prayers Hideo Kojima, for giving me hope that we'll see a new Z.O.E game at some stage!

Full Article can be found here. Cheers IGN

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