Monday, 1 June 2009

[Events] E3 is Upon Us

E3 kicks off today, with Microsoft's conference only a few hours away (at time of posting).

Lots of rumours and leaks have been appearing over the course of the last few days, including the (officially may I add) leaked information on the new PSP Go!

I've got a good feeling that atleast one of the big 3 are going to blow us all away with something we weren't expecting (and no, a motion-sensered peripheral from Microsoft does not fit that category!).

I've got my fingers crossed for Zone of the Enders 3, but sadly I expect we'll just see more news about a new Metal Gear from Kojima instead...

I'll post round ups of the news from L.A. over the course of the week.

Oh...and if your like me, and were un-happy that Final Fantasy VII got a release on the Japanese Playstation Store and not ours, well.. we could be in luck! It's appeared on ESRB's website for the U.S., meaning they'll get it soon hopefully. Fingers crossed we'll be next!

With thanks:
PSP Go! Info Leaked - Develop Magazine
ESRB Website confirms Final Fantasy VII for PS3/PSP - Kotaku

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