Monday, 6 May 2013

Console Wars: The Next Generation

Just about enough time to type up a few words!

OK, so we've known for a long time that Microsoft have been busy behind the scenes creating their newest piece of hardware. Lets be honest, they've done a terrible job at trying to keep the project under wraps.

On May 21st we shall finally see the unveiling of the new Xbox via a live stream. Microsoft have already raised their hands and said that the announcement in May is purely a taster of whats to come when E3 rolls around in June, but hopefully we'll see enough to wet out appetites.

Will you need to be online at all times? Is it true that it'll have Blu Ray capabilities? Will they step up and bring some new IPs to the table? Is the focus still very much on entertainment 'apps'?

So many questions.

We do know however, that we shall get a glimpse of the new Call of Duty during the conference. Activision have announced Call of Duty Ghosts, and aside from a teaser video little else is know. It is however confirmed thanks to the new official site that we'll learn more during the Xbox showcase.

We've already had a peak at what Sony have planned for the Playstation 4 while Nintendo already have the Wii U on the market. With all this new tech hitting retailers the gaming industry should hopefully have an uplift compared to the decline in sales and new releases. The decline points towards the recent recession and the inevitable end of console cycle lack of new, exciting titles (alright, we've had a few exceptions!).

Another phenomenon that occurs when so many new consoles and games launch are the attack of fanboys.


Yes, they can be aggressive, one sided, hitting forums with jaded views...

Would a new console cycle be as exciting without a horde of game hungry fans wanting to prove to others that their favourite console is better than everyone elses?

No it wouldn't.

While the 'console wars' will never be as 'entertaining' as the glory days with SEGA squaring off with Nintendo (check out this for a direct advertisement aimed at your competitor!) the new Xbox and Playstation will still create a stir between friends.

I've got some articles and projects on-going (mainly related to my actual job, but a few journalism based ones too), which I hope to unleash soon. In the meantime, if anyone has access to a time machine, or even a cloning device, give me a shout yeah?

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