Sunday, 4 November 2012

Updating you, with Updates

Phew! It's been a fairly busy time!

So what have I been up too?

First of all the rest of the Eurogamer videos made it on to They can all be found on the site, however I've started to combine all the videos into one handy post with all the content we captured during the Expo, which I'll link once online.

Next, XCOM. I have been having so much fun playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown on my PC, so much so that I created an online diary tracking Team Blast Process progress through my save file. At time of writing I've written two updates, entry #1 and entry #2.

I've been asked to write technology based articles for a new creative arts website, which will be online soon. Again, I'll post the link once it is online.

I'm now back to selling games too, as I've recently changed jobs.

New podcasts are now online, including the Eurogamer-featured one. All of our podcasts can be found via iTunes or at this link.

Last week Ben and I attended the GameCity festival in Nottingham. It was a week long festive, of which we attended one day of. You can hear all about our exploits in Nottingham, including playing a game while on a trampoline, on the latest podcast, which has been delayed coming online due to editing issues (should be online this evening, and for a third time in one blog post I shall post a link once it's online).

Hmmm, seems as though I've done a poor job of updating you all! Links will be posted in due course. In the meantime I'm still working on a piece regarding videogame reviews (which I still require research for, so if you have a few moments to spare...please please please check out this link). I've also started a new technology piece and I'll be continuing my XCOM diary.

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