Monday, 16 July 2012

Project Updates + 3DS XL

As mentioned in my previous post here on GamePad, I am indeed hosting a videogames quiz for charity. While the event has been confirmed I've decided not to advertise it for the masses, as I'm going to try and control who attends. This is mainly due to this being the first time I've held such an event solo.

If you are interested, and would like to request an invitation to the event, please feel free to email me at It is to be held on Wednesday 25th July, with the quiz being aimed to start around 8pm.

As you may have guessed, I've been busy coming up with questions for the aforementioned quiz, so my writing online has slowed a little. I am however, working on a couple of exciting little projects I hope to share online in the near future.

Yesterday myself and Processor Mike filmed our third video for Gamestation Crewe which should be online in the near future (I'll link to it once it is). The main topic of conversation during the video revolves around Nintendo's new (well, ish) handheld console, the 3DS XL.

It's a very comfortable little device to play on, considering it's size. I was genuinely impressed with how the games look on up-scaled screens, compared to the original 3DS. If you've played on one of the older DSi XLs you'll know what size and weight to expect.

A little grievance, but when the lid is closed it seems to leave a large gap between the lid and the main body of the console. While this isn't a major issue, I do think it would have looked tidier if the two sat closer together, like the 3DS does when it's own lid is closed.

Like I said...only a little grievance, perhaps I'm being a little harsh on the poor thing.

One major point however, is that the console does not include a charger from the looks of things. While the one that Gamestation Crewe has is of course a promo console from Nintendo to demo to consumers, the box clearly states that it doesn't include the charger. It does mention that you can purchase one separately, or use one from a DSi/XL/3DS. While many gamers may have had one of the older versions and so may have a charger lying around, I find the decision to not include one out of the box a little bizarre.

A large number of people tend to trade in their older consoles against the upgraded ones, which would mean giving up the charger too, meaning they'll have to purchase a charger separately.

Like I said, an odd decision by Nintendo, and one that may confuse buyers. (Further research has revealed that the retail console will not include the charger. Also worth noting that the chargers for the very original DS and DS Lite consoles won't work on the 3DS XL).

Anyway, that's it from me for the time being. I'll post any and all updates in the coming few days.

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