Monday, 28 May 2012

Phew!! Wahay the Alex!!

What a weekend!

While I had lots going on at the weekend, the most important item on the agenda was Crewe Alexandra's (my local football club) play-off final against Cheltenham Town. Up until Sunday morning (the day of the match) I thought I was heading out for a meal, meaning I'd have had to watch the match via Sky Sports. Turns out...that was a lie..and in fact I'd got tickets for the final as a surpraise birthday gift!

The atmosphere was amazing. I had been to Wembley before, for an Alex playoff final in the past, but that was at the old Wembley. While Crewe Alex lost all those years ago when I saw them in the capital, this year I'd get to see them win. The match ended 2-0, but we rode our luck several times during the match. We had to clear the ball off the line 3 times, and they were luckly offside when they did put the ball into our net. I had an amazing time, and I hope we push on and do well in League One.

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