Wednesday, 11 April 2012

[Event] Gadget Show 2012 -Edited-

Well, yesterday was a lot of fun!

Me, Mike and our friend Jason went to the press day at The Gadget Show Live yesterday. Much fun was had.

We managed to bag a short interview with Steve Hart from Rebellion Studios in regards to their latest game, Sniper Elite V2. Although their were a couple of other new titles there (namely Dirt Showdown and Spec Ops: The Line) we sadly couldn't get anyone on film to answer a couple of questions.

Speaking of Spec Ops however, last night I posted my first impressions of the title on Blast Process

We also played a little of Kinect Star Wars. Man, what a disappointment that is. True, I may have only done a small amount of 'lightsabering' and a tiny portion of the space combat, but it just wasn't precise enough to warrant my cash. I just couldn't see myself playing that game through to it's conclusion. I've heard a lot about the dancing side of Kinect Star Wars. I don't think I'm missing much there. Although it made a poor first impression I'm not going to lie...I will pick it up in the future once it's dropped a few pounds off it's current RRP.

The moment of yesterday though was managing to grab an interview (short...and while walking..but still) with Jason Bradbury, one of the presenters of Channel 5's The Gadget Show. He sadly was pretty busy, but was a legend for allowing us to film a quick chat with him. Sadly a technical hiccup has resulted in us only having just over half of the interview on film, but we'll still feature it in our upcoming Gadget Show video.

I'll link the Blast Process Gadget Show video here when it's online. It'll feature both the interviews already mentioned.

EDIT: As promised, here is the video interview with Jason Bradbury...while at this link you'll find my interview with Steve Hart.

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