Saturday, 6 August 2011

[Reviews] Tackling the Beast

So far I've written a lot in regards to news, apart from the odd event coverage or preview. One thing I've yet to fully finish writing however, is a review.

Why is this? What is it about reviews that puts me off?

I'm starting to tackle this problem, as I need to have some form of reviewing ability. If I do manage to break into videogame journalism at some stage in the future, chances are I'm going to need to put in words what I think of 'Game A'. Perhaps its in the putting my thoughts into writing that worries me. Over the years I've attempted reviews only to find that I was struggling to put across my feelings about a game in the way my mind intends.

The other factor could well be reactions. Maybe if I don't like 'Game X' I'll get pounced upon by man-eating fanboys who disagree with what I've written. What if I don't talk about a particular section enough, or if I talk about one section too much?

Whatever the obstacles, I'm brushing them all to one side. I've got a job to do. I've agreed to write a review for a popular gaming website (that isn't this one or Blast Process!).

This is it. Cars 2...your getting reviewed!

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Dylan365v said...

haha best of luck with the review man! Let us know when it's up.