Saturday, 26 March 2011

[Update] Press Pass? Don't Mind if I Do!

A few days ago, I spotted that Eurogamer had put the early bird tickets for this years Eurogamer Expo on sale to the general public. I went to one of those a couple of years ago (when they used to do two, one of which being in Leeds, much closer to home). I had an awesome time, highlighted by the fact I got to play a demo version of Heavy Rain quite a while before it was released. Last year they switched the event to London's Earls Court, and as tempted as I was to go along...I instead jetted off to Gran Canaria for my parents anniversary.

This year however, I had no plans for around that time of year. Now, I was quite happily thinking about paying for my ticket...but then my eye spotted the Press page. Wouldn't harm to take a look right? So I did.

Turns out you can apply for a press pass one of two ways. The first was open to your proper/full time/industry journalists. The second, interestingly, was entitled Enthusiast Media, basically a chance for small part time journalists and websites to register for the chance to get a press pass. Without a moments hesitation, I applied on behalf of Our cheesy videos and general geekness would sway them right? was. 2 days later I received an email, with two printable Press tickets for the Saturday and Sunday of the show. Fan-flippin'-tastic! It's awesome to see Blast Process growing and developing into a bigger and better game site, one it seems that is good enough to get approved for a press pass.

I'll be going, hopefully, with Blast Processor Mike and ofcourse plenty of paper for notes, my laptop and camcorder. It'll be a great opportunity to talk to various people ranging from fellow gamers to (fingers crossed) industry developers/etc...

Watch this space too, as I'm currently in talks in regards to a radio show...or failing that...creating a podcast. Exciting times ahead!

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