Sunday, 6 February 2011

[News] IGN Game Changer

IGN UK launched a contest just before Christmas called 'Game Changer'

Think of it as the X Factor, but for budding videogame presenters and writers, without Simon Cowell...and actually being fun to take part in.

I entered both parts of the contest. As you can imagine, I wasn't the only one. Looking at the YouTube page for the presenter side of the contest was worrying. My 3 videos were up against some seriously strong competition.

Only 12 people from each section were to progress through to the next round, and although I had everything just wasn't to be.

Ofcourse I'm disappointed, gutted even, but it hasn't disheartened me. I'll continue to create videos for Blast Process and who knows, maybe I'll get to do some free freelance stuff for other videogame websites. For now I'll press on with what I'm doing (only hopefully on a more regular basis!).

For those interested in what my videos were about, I've gone and link them over on an article on Blast Process, which can be found at this link. Hope you enjoy.

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