Monday, 5 April 2010

[Event] Ubisoft/Children's Hospice UK Charity Event

A quick heads up folks!

I'll be working along side Adam, our resident Ubisoft representative on this coming Tuesday (6th April) inside the Market Centre in Crewe Town Centre to help raise money for Children's Hospice UK.

If your passing through Crewe on Tuesday drop by! We'll have Wii games out for people to play on, such as Just Dance and other new Wii-based Ubisoft titles (for a small donation to charity of course), as well as having items such as styluses, faceplates and large point of sale standees available for you to donate money for. GAME are supporting Children's Hospice UK this year with many events happening at different stores throughout the year:
Children’s Hospices UK is the national charity that gives voice and support to all children’s hospice services. Our vision is for every child and young person who is not expected to reach adulthood - and their family - to have awareness of, and access to, the highest standards of care and support close to or in the home.
Its all for a truly great cause, so come along and donate some cash!

The event will be running approx between 10am-3pm outside GAME.

Quote used from Children's Hospice UK's official website, which can be found here

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