Wednesday, 1 April 2009

[Warhammer] Something a bit different

A quick, but slighty different update for GamePad

I collect/build/battle with Warhammer minitures from time to time. I'm currently collecting a Tau army for Warhammer 40,000.

Something I don't usually do is paint, as to be honest, I'm a poor painter. I don't have the arty skills required, not to mention the co-ordination and patience.

However, I'm currently painting one of my Tau battlesuits, of which below, is an image of how it currently looks:

I know its got bits of paint where their shouldn't be, as well as looking patchy, and some paint has ran, and the red and white look a little poor..and so on.. But hey! I'm still pretty happy with it!

I'll post more pictures of my Tau as I paint them, as well as posting a picture of the battlesuit once completely finished.

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xpa12 said...

Seriously thats the best painting i've ever seen! You are an inspiration to my life. I hope someday i'll get to meet you - that would be my dream! Take care!