Thursday, 5 February 2009

[News] More New Stuff!

What an interesting few days in the world of gaming...

Following on from Rory's previous post EA have gone and released a trailer of the now confirmed Battlefield 1943:

Valve have annouced the new expansion for its zombie survival horror game Left 4 Dead. L4D Survival Pack will include a new 'Survival' multiplayer mode, aswell as adding two brand new campaigns to the Versus mode. Both 360 and PC gamers will have access (for a small fee no doubt) to the new content come the spring time, with PC gamers also getting the SDK pack for Left 4 Dead around the same time.

Other news includes SEGA keeping hold of the International Olympic Comitee licence, meaning that its very likely we'll be seeing a Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games.

Switching your 360 on this evening? You really the Halo Wars demo has gone live today. Mines currently downloading at a painfully slow rate.

Don't despair PS3 owners! You too have a new demo! Killzone 2. I've heard whispers of it possibly being in the running for this years game of the year already, so download it and get your first impressions in.

With thanks:
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